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Payment & Shipping Information


Checkout Process

Our online store is a PayPal shop. Once you have added an item to your cart, scroll down the STORE page and select your destination country.


That done, click on “CHECKOUT”. You will then be re-directed to PayPal’s website. Note: You will still have the opportunity to change your mind.


Clicking “CHECKOUT” does not commit you to buying the CD set and nothing has been charged at this point. You can hit your “back button” to return to our shop.

As mentioned above, our online store is a PayPal shop. However, those who do not have a PayPal account need not worry. PayPal allows persons to make fully secure one-time credit card payments. Neither your credit card details, nor any other personal information, is stored by PayPal. PayPal is without question the most secure form of web-based payment for person-to-person and small business transactions and is now available in over 190 countries and in every major language.

Other Payment Methods

Bank transfers and personal checks are also accepted. In such cases, orders should be placed by email and I will then provide further information to complete your purchase.

Another way to purchase Bandoneon Classical CDs

All CDs are also available in my eBay shop:


Casals Classical LPs & CDs


Click on the eBay logo at right to be redirected to my eBay shop.


Please note: At my eBay shop, the CD are priced higher - that is only because the cost of shipping has been factored directly into the list price, rather than being added on separately, as here.


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