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Bandoneon Recordings


Bandoneon Recordings is devoted to historical recordings and broadcasts of great artists from the past, in particular those whose artistry has somewhat faded from memory or who never enjoyed the international acclaim that their talents so richly deserved.


All CDs are "real" CDs (not CD-Rs). Every issue comes with a professionally pressed compact disc, jewel case, tray card, and booklet. The artwork is either wholly original or designed in a similar style (i.e., "in the spirit of") to the original LP.


All transfer work / re-mastering  is executed by the expert sound engineers at


When possible, every effort has been made to obtain licensing rights from the original recording artists or their estates. In other cases, and in compliance with European copyright law, only recordings now in the public domain are issued.


Please write with any questions, comments, or suggestions for future releases. Bandoneon Recordings thanks you for taking a chance on a small independent historical label.

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